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About Me

I’m Dr. Louise LePage and I’m a lecturer in Theatre at the University of York based in the Theatre, Film and Television Department. I am fascinated by plays and performances that locate robots on stage and, in the process, reflect twenty-first-century ideas about being human.

Currently, I am thinking about what theatre and performance can bring to work on sociable robots, in particular in relation to Masahiro Mori's seminal theory of the uncanny valley. Last year, I worked on The Baxter Project, which culminated in a performance-lecture at the University of Reading on (20th April 2016). Information about this event (including the lecture transcript, photographs, and film) is available on these pages under Performance-Lecture and also on my Publications page. 


I have also published a chapter on robots: ‘“Thinking Something Makes It So”: Performing Robots, The Workings of Mimesis, and the Importance of Character’ in Twenty-First Century Drama: What Happens Now, eds. Siân Adiseshiah and Louise LePage (Palgrave, 2016).


Presently, I am writing a book for Palgrave: Theatre and the Posthuman: A Subject of Character.

I recently examined a PhD that set out a dramaturgy for science fiction theatre.

You can contact me at:

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